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The Musée des Beaux-Arts of Rouen hosts the exhibition “Arts & Cinema, les liaisons heureuses” that tells the European history of cinema and its relations with other arts from October 18, 2019 until February 10, 2020. Alexis Kuperfis invites us to visit this exhibition with him.

An exhibition that links the cinematic art with the other arts

The exhibition compares artistic trends and associated them with cinema according to a chronological way. It begins with photography that gives rise to the hope of capturing movements. Moreover, capturing the movement, the moment and the light is also the path of impressionists. Indeed, the impressionists somehow preceded cinematographic art and explored its possibilities. Because, what does Claude Monet do when he paints more than forty times the cathedral of Rouen at different times of the day, if not to include painting over time?

The Lumière brothers have then arrived with their first movies that have similar subjects with impressionist’s painters, such as “L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat” and “La Gare Saint Lazare” made by Claude Monet, or even their movie “Les Rochers de la Vierge à Biarritz” and the Alfred Sisley’s sea landscape.

The exhibition is followed by the link between cinematic art and cubism, which appeared in the 1910’s in parallel with silent cinema. The Charlot character is at the origin of Fernand Léger’s interest in cinema. The painter even created several film posters for great directors in the 1920’s.

Finally, the visitor makes a detour through German abstraction and expressionism and Soviet propaganda art. Then about the surrealist movement, before arriving at the New Wave, notably with the colour experiments lead by Yves Klein, that would have influenced the movie maker Jean-Luc Godard. The movie scene of “Pierre le fou” in which Jean-Paul Belmondo paints his face in blue is an indisputable reference to Yves Klein’s antropometries.

These demonstrations of porosity and resonances between the plastic arts and cinema have also the merit of restoring the cinematic art to its rightful place.

In order to attend this very instructive exhibition according to Alexis Kuperfis, visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen until February 10, 2020. The exhibition “Arts & Cinéma, les liaisons heureuses” is organized in partnership with the French Cinémathèque.

Full price: €6

Reduced rate: €3