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It has been about twenty years that an exhibition dedicated to Francis Bacon has been shown in France. « Bacon en toutes lettres » is not a retrospective of his work of art but rather as a part of his work after the 1970’s, when he switched to the style we usually know and we appreciate of this painter. Alexis Kuperfis tells us about this exhibition.

The presentation of the Bacon’s famous triptychs

What is the most striking about the Francis Bacon’s paintings, and even more in the great triptychs presented at the Centre Pompidou, is that we noticed a kind of extraordinary polarity. Indeed, the triptychs are mixing very well drawn geometric shapes, rigorous mix of colours and also very tormented human figures, all painted in a single gesture. It is this particularity, which strengthens the intensity of his works.

Francis Bacon wants to paint life as it is. However, as a painter, you tend to freeze your image. But the artist has precisely fought against this constraint by putting movements in its shapes and by representing a character at different times, by linking these moments thanks to a very accelerated gesture.

Monstrous paintings

The monsters seen in Francis Bacon’s paintings are numerous in this exhibition. They are monsters coming out of the Greek tragedy, the figures of the Eumenides or the fury in Rome. They come into the artist’s paintings to testify to his guilt, to be aware that he may be the cause of his ex-partner’s suicide. These monstrous figures pursue Francis Bacon as they did criminals in Ancient Rome.

In order to attend this exhibition, you should book your tickets online. The exhibition will last until the 20th January 2020.