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Leonardo is certainly the most important artist of all time. Only a few of his works survived the 500 years after his sad death. And many of these are in poor condition, such as the “Last Supper”. But forget about that because the Queen of England has 200 of his drawings in her collection. They offer something much more intimate than his over-popular and inaccessible paintings. Alexis Kuperfis is passionate about art and he has the chance to visit this exhibit in London, he tells us more about “A Life in Drawing”.

A personal exhibit which allows you to learn more about the artist

Taking from an album of drawings obtained by Charles II, the works are private and show the artist’s work. In this beautiful exhibition, you can find some studies or maps made by the Renaissance artist. But there are also engineering and anatomical drawings or even weapons sketches and architectural designs. It is all the works and all the studies of Leonardo that are exposed. Thanks to the Queen’s collection, you can see pages full of his precious drawings and some studies and technical sketches.

These drawings are stunning because of their polyvalence. Leonardo da Vinci was talented in many fields such as painting, engineering, medicine and even astrophysics. Besides his talent, it seems that the Renaissance artist and inventor was also an obsessional and passionate person, with a large sense of detail.

Useful information

Alexis Kuperfis definitely recommends you to visit this exhibition if you have the opportunity to go to London. To do so, you should go the Queen’s Gallery which is located near to Buckingham Palace. You can take the Victoria line. The entrance ticket is displayed at £ 13,50. But do quick because, it is available only until September 30th, opened every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Have a nice visit!